Lava Ridge Property Management

Talking to us is FREE!  At no obligation to you, we will view your investment property, give you our professional suggestions, opinions and more, and provide you with our pricing.  If you are looking at investment properties and don't know what to choose... call us and we can look at several properties and assist there too.  We work with realtors, private investors and groups.  

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Management services

Thank you for your interest in Lava Ridge Property Management LLC! We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Who is Lava Ridge Property Management LLC? 

My name is Lynette Remund and I am the licensed property manager and owner of Lava Ridge Property Management LLC. I have lived in Central Oregon since 2000 and I am proud to call this desert oasis my home!! I have over 20+ years of experience in property management and have worked in three very diverse and different rental markets. I have years of sales and leasing that has given me the experience and knowledge needed to keep properties rented.  When it comes to investment owners, my years of experience allows me to meet their expectations.  I am confident in saying... you will be pleased with choosing Lava Ridge Property Management LLC for all your property management needs!! 

Why did I start Lava Ridge Property Management? established in 2008

After working many years for other management companies I realized that the only way I could offer my clients the customer service they deserved and paid for was to open my own management company...hence, Lava Ridge Property Management LLC!!  I strive to provide all my clients, owners, investors, tenants and customers exceptional service. I understand the purpose of investment properties vs. tenant rights. Lava Ridge Property Management LLC has the experience, dedication and knowledge to provide owners and tenants that perfect balance of respect and responsibility.

What services does Lava Ridge Property Management LLC provide?

We offer full management service and placement service on residential units, second home services, homeowner association (HOA) business park association and storage facility management.  There is so much information to give regarding each service.  Therefore, please feel free to contact us for specifics about each service.

Why should you choose Lava Ridge Property Management LLC for your property management needs?

Our team, our skills, knowledge and service is wise and seasoned with age and experience.  We are not the 'too big for our britches', corporate giant that forgets our owners name.  We will NEVER compromise service for profit!  We will NEVER wait for it happen...we make it happen!  We will ALWAYS put your best interest first!  We will ALWAYS respect our clients! 

Lava Ridge Property Management LLC is licensed and insured.  Not that we think we'll need it... but all investment owners are asked to hold insurance on their investments... so I hold insurance on my investment.

Who will conduct the day to day activities at Lava Ridge Property Management LLC?

As the owner and property manager for the business I, Lynette Remund will conduct business on a daily basis.  Lava Ridge Property Management LLC has offices in both Bend and Redmond.  I do have help on a daily basis with from my portfolio manager, Stephanie and my leasing specialist Jilian Jacot.  We work closely with each other, our vendors, owners and renters... we know how important it is to work with our owners and not against!  As the business grows and our needs expand I will add qualified and competant team members.  Again, I will NEVER compromise service for profit!!  All other personnel will be contracted vendors holding all required licensing and insurance.