Meet the Lava Ridge Team

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the Lava Ridge Property Management team! Our efforts, daily tasks, customer service, projects, and more are successful because of the team we have in place. As you continue working with us, this will help you put faces to names and understand their roles in our company.


Lynette Remund – Property Manager and Owner

I work daily, overseeing the entire team! I decided to start Lava Ridge Property Management after working in the industry for 15 years. I knew there was more to property management than collecting rent, and I have challenged myself to ‘break the stigma’ of poor management services. Lava Ridge Property Management was started in 2009. Through the years, we have experienced trials and errors, had good years and bad, worked through solid markets and weak…. It is apparent that one key piece to success in this industry.

-->  It is the team within. 

Being a company owner pulls me in many ways - - Our success is only achievable with the hard work and dedication of the people below ….

……  may I introduce to you … The Lava Ridge Property Management team~

Tara Bell – Portfolio Manager

Tara joined Lava Ridge in 2022 and brings over 20 years of property management experience to our team. Tara oversees the day-to-day operations on the properties and is responsible for inspections, turnovers, and maintenance coordination; and works hard with our owners to maintain the integrity of their investment properties. Tara excels in customer service and resolving concerns. When the tasks need extra work or extra time, Tara continues. She has proven to be a true leader to our team and is my right hand in everything. She understands the importance and multitude of responsibilities to manage your investments properly. She has created a team atmosphere and is an encouraging force that makes us all want to be stronger.    

Sara Gray – Assistant Portfolio Manager

Sara joined Lava Ridge in 2023 with almost 19 years of property management experience. She is eager to learn about each of our properties and grow within the Lava Ridge culture. She is our resident relations lead, overseeing our leasing team while working alongside our portfolio manager. Sara is not one to sit idle and never leaves questions to chance… if there is an unknown. She is the first of our team to go to a property and investigate any concerns. Her communication, attention to detail, skills to build great relationships, and professionalism shine through every task she touches. 

Taylor Brown – Leasing Manager

Leasing properties takes many talents … and these talents shine brightly within Lava Ridge's newest team member.  From the enticing property descriptions to strategic photography to social media pushes…. Taylor's abilities, professionalism, and customer service attract a solid portfolio of prospective renters.  Along with her leasing team… Taylor averages 12 vacancy days on turnovers. 

The move-in process is consistently smooth with her leadership.    We are thrilled to have her as part of our team!

Lynda Rodriguez – Office Assistant

Lynda joined Lava Ridge in 2020 and is normally the first voice you hear when calling Lava Ridge. She knows our processes, goals, and needs inside and out and can field calls properly to our team and assist prospective renters with availability needs. When she is not mastering our incoming calls, she works hard to input all our data and documentation, schedule maintenance orders, manage property utilities, and more. Lynda also oversees our Redmond office and storage facility. She wears many hats and has many responsibilities… regardless of her workload, she always seems to handle every task with a positive attitude while encouraging the rest of our team.

Mark Valencia – Accounting Assistant                                             * bilingual in English and Spanish

Managing a few hundred properties requires organization, detailed work, and many hours overseeing accounts payable. Mark joined the Lava Ridge team in 2020 and is instrumental in keeping our accounts payable organized with timely payments and monitoring all the bills that come into the business. A key factor in providing successful property management services --> is happy vendors! Marks brings so much more to our team and assists our team with many other tasks à  over the years, he has learned the importance of the Lava Ridge culture and sees the whole picture. Mark always brings a professional and positive attitude to his workday.

Erik Castro – Leasing Specialist                                             * Bilingual English and Spanish

Erik joined our team in 2022 with no property management experience. His presentation and eagerness to learn won us over, and he has proven to be a perfect fit for our team. Erik has mastered the leasing process and successfully maintained minimal vacancies for our owners by finding great renters and quickly processing their information to get renters into their new homes. Erik brings a level of respect and professionalism that can’t be beaten. 

Joe Japic – Maintenance Supervisor

Joe joined Lava Ridge in 2023, bringing over 10+ years of maintenance and property management experience. He is responsible for performing all the essential maintenance in your investment properties. He is quite detailed and learns the ins/outs of the properties we manage. Joe is excellent at troubleshooting and finding solutions. If we have a large maintenance project at your investment, you will most likely hear from him to brainstorm or discuss a resolution. Joe is the second set of eyes at all our turnover and annual inspections. 

…. And THAT is the Lava Ridge team - - as you may be able to see, each member of our team is directly responsible for the success of Lava Ridge and the performance of your investment. As we work to build your relationship with Lava Ridge - - these introductions can put some faces to names.

We truly appreciate each owner and renter we have in our portfolio. Thank you for choosing Lava Ridge Property Management!