Let Lava Ridge Property Management LLC (LRPM) work with you on your investment by finding qualified renters. Of course, we understand that this is your investment and your future, so nothing is written in stone... we offer customized services to meet your needs... just ask!


LRPM uses the following avenues to advertise available properties. Each situation is unique. Advertising avenues are available and may or may not be used as the current rental market fluctuates. Advertising starts as soon as we receive a notice to vacate. – Our goal is to have a new renter lined up before the vacating renter moves out.

Our years of experience have given us the skills and knowledge to attempt to gain leads off any phone call or inquiry we receive. If a prospective tenant contacts us about one house, if appropriate we market all our available properties. We also strive to keep a positive image in the local community so that our current and previous renters refer us to their friends.


When a tenant moves out, the last thing anyone wants is confusion about the move in condition. Was the home clean? Was the yard clean? Were the walls freshly painted? Our goal during turnovers is to ensure that every item requiring attention is dealt with prior to a new occupancy. Lava Ridge Property Management likes all new move in’s to beprepared with;

Oregon law allows us to charge a tenant for anything that needs to be done to a property to bring it back to the original condition of move in, except for normal wear and tear. Dirt, nail holes etc. is NOT considered normal wear and tear. Getting a home in top notch condition before the move in, allow us to maintain it in between each new renter and charge the previous renter for their dirt and damage.

Documenting the condition of the home at move in is very important. LRPM will take pictures and video of the entire home, inside and out, and conduct a written inspection of the home prior to move in. New renters are given 7 days to add to the list and documentation. LRPM finds that this is the most effective and cost efficient way for an owner to maintain their property. You may experience some charges when we first rent your investment home, however it will set us up for less expenses during future turnovers.


A move in condition report is the most important tool used to determine condition from move in to move out. A full inspection of the house will be conducted by our team and documentation of the property condition will be created prior to any renter taking occupancy. Pictures, video and written reports are always completed.


Before a renter received a key or has access to the home;


Investment owners will receive an accounting of all funds collected from renters. Reports are accompanied by copies of any bills paid.LRPM encourages direct deposit of funds but can mail a check if needed. Annual reports and 1099s are sent per the IRS guidelines.


Here is a quick breakdown of possible charges you may incur with Lava Ridge;


As the owner and property manager of Lava Ridge, I work daily with my team and have a hands-on approach. We work very hard on renter/customer appreciation and renter retention. Our reputation in the community is VERY important and we recognize that it is a direct reflection of our vacancy and turnover. Weekly team meetings, training, goals and education help us succeed and keep communication strong.

As Lava Ridge grows, we work to upgrade our technologies, increase our online exposure, and simply improve any way we can!

Thank you again for taking the time to inquire about our management services. Hopefully you can see we are dedicated to exceptional customer service and doing the job right! Our services go far beyond what you have read here today and we hope it makes you consider developing a long-term relationship with us. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to hear from you soon!!!