Be The Business and Person That Gives Back to Central Oregon

Does it mean to simply reside somewhere? Does it mean to know your neighbors? Does it mean to volunteer in your community? Or, does it mean to be a contributing factor to the health, economic, cultural and over all well being of community?

To Lynette Remund, owner of Lava Ridge Property Management, it means all these things. 

It means Lava Ridge Property Management values placing residents in rentals they are proud of, maintain well, and will remain in for long periods of time. 

It is these factors that awoke a desire in Lynette, and prompted by her daughter Kirra, she and her family found an organization to volunteer their time, money, and efforts to. The organization they chose was the The Giving Plate, and a single glance down her Facebook feed shows her lengthy journey to provide assistance, support and time to this charity organization.

“There was a time we needed government and community assistance. I applied for every program available. I am thankful for places like The Giving Plate and grateful that years later I can pay it forward. Life is not always easy, sometimes there are more pits and falls than we can handle. Take a breath, and know that we live in one of the most amazing and giving communities around.” – Lynette Remund, Owner, Lava Ridge Property Management. 

The Giving Plate of Bend, Oregon, is a non-profit organization that provides food to over 3,000 individuals a month through its three hunger relief programs. Their goal is to feed the hungry with compassion and hospitality. 

Food is a critical problem in Deschutes County. According to Feeding America’s 2011 Meal Gap Study, Oregon is the state with the nation’s highest rate of “child food insecurity;” meaning, in essence, that approximately 30 percent of  Oregon’s youth do not know where their next meal is coming from. Oregon also has the 3rd highest percentage of citizens on Food Stamps.  

“Over the past year, Kirra and I have spent many hours volunteering and rarely do we see the same people. There are families, individuals, grandparents, children, professionals, and many hard working people who simply need a little push to get through the month. 

We have all been there -- when the month has more time than money. When the car broke down and repair costs were heavy. When we got sick and lost time at work and had a short check. When our health insurance didn’t cover the $275 inhaler for our child.

THESE are many of the people they see.” – Lynette. 

To help address this glaring need, the Giving Plate asks for volunteers and donations in the form of the following to help combat Deschutes County’s food depravation issue:

If 2020 has left you with a desire to contribute to the community, volunteer or help less fortunate or struggling individuals in Central Oregon, Lynette and the team at Lava Ridge Property Management encourage you to stop by The Giving Plate and “feel the relief, love and respect” of these programs that are truly a blessing to our community. 

“Don’t just post about wanting to make a change. Take action. And make a difference.” – Lynette.

Happy New Year to our blessed community.