Renter or Investor, It’s Still Your Property!

When we began our career in property management, one thing we believed was that our customers are on BOTH sides of the property management business. That’s why at Lava Ridge Property Management we have the saying, “Renter or investor, it’s still YOUR home.”

When we say, “it’s still YOUR home,” what we mean is we are there for both our investors and our tenants, protecting our tenants from hazards and under-maintained homes, while also protecting our investors from home damage and overdue maintenance that can potentially cause the value of their rental to go down. So, everything we do is to keep good renters happily in their homes, so turnover is reduced and the investor’s property remains in tip-top shape.

We do this with a three-step process of tenant screening, inspections and maintenance.


Keys to Protecting Your Rental and Investment:
Screening, Inspections and Maintenance. 


Tenant Screenings

As a trusted property manager in Bend, Oregon for decades, we know how important it is to find qualified applicants for each of our rental properties. We believe the key to this process is rigorous tenant screening and low renter turnover. Our tenant screening process is second to none in Central Oregon, with a hands-on approach to finding the right renters for each of our investors’ properties. 

Lava Ridge Property Management does a thorough in-house check on all applicants that includes: verification of jobs by our staff, income verification, current and previous rental/mortgage history along with a credit, eviction, and NATION WIDE criminal checks through AMRENT. Property management companies are not required by law to do out of state criminal checks, so always ask before signing on the dotted line!

To protect our renters and potential renters, we pre-screen applicants prior to asking for an application fee and we will never take an application fee from you if the property has likely already secured a renter. 



Every investor that works with Lava Ridge Rentals receives monthly inspection drive-bys and annual inspections of the inside. During these inspections, we monitor the condition, care and wear and tear on the property. We also look for HOA compliance, potential hazards and overdue maintenance so both the renter and the investor can feel confident they and their property are being cared for by our property management team.



Even brand new homes require quarterly and annual maintenance. We take this headache out of managing your property by putting each home on a maintenance schedule and work directly with the renter to arrange times for maintenance which includes things like fireplace cleanings, smoke and carbon dioxide detector change-outs, gutter cleaning, sprinkler blowouts and backflow testing. By providing maintenance on a schedule, the home is safer and there is less wear and tear so maintenance costs over the long term are reduced. And, when unforeseen maintenance and repairs are required, our staff is available 24 hours a day for emergency maintenance (or use our online portal for service requests). When repairs or maintenance beckons, we guarantee the work to be done by trusted, top-rated local vendors. 


If you believe—like we do—that property management is about both the renter and the investor, we encourage you to give us a call to find out more about why our reputation as a property manager in Central Oregon is one of the best. We give care and concern throughout the process of screening, inspections and home maintenance to ensure our investors’ investments are protected, and that our renters are in safe, well-maintained homes they love.