Un-tacky your holiday decor, and keep your property manager happy, too!

At Lava Ridge Property Management, we believe our properties are more than just rentals, they are home sweet home. So, the holidays should be no different whether you own or rent your home. 


Our renters want their space to be beautiful and festive, with a feeling of the season throughout the home, while our investors want the home to remain in tip-top shape and free of tripping hazards, fire hazards, and unnecessary damage. That’s why we’ve combined the two ideas into a list of tips for holiday decorating that will make both investor and renter happy, and will have each property festive and perfectly-decorated this holiday season. 


Holiday Decorating Tips For Renters (That Property Managers Like Too!)

#1 Tip For You: Find a place for the tree where there is adequate space, and it is not blocking major walkways, the TV, vents or other fire hazards. Bigger is not better.  Both the height and the fullness of a tree can compete with your room if too big. Measure the desired space for the tree ahead of time and bring a tape measure with you to the forest or tree lot when selecting the tree. 


#1 Tip From Your Property Manager: Once the tree is in place, be sure the stand is steady and water does not spill onto the floor, which can cause damage to the flooring and eat up your deposit. Keep the tree well-watered to prevent drying and get rid of the tree before it dries out and becomes a fire hazard. 


#2 Tip For You: When decorating a tree, there is a strategy to it. Most people know to start with the lights, but what few people know is if you wrap the lights up and down versus around the tree, you avoid the long lines of lights that pull the attention of your eye across the tree. 


Another way to break up the monotony of a long line of lights is to use different sizes of bulbs. If you look at professionally decorated trees, they often use a combination of large and small string lights. Combining a string of large lights with a string of micro-lights creates a look of depth and interest, and makes the tree appear to sparkle.


# 2 Tip From Your Property Manager: Using LED lights instead of standard lights will not only cut down on electricity; it’s far safer where fire prevention is concerned. If you like the look of the older bulbs, choose a light with a traditional bulb in warm white instead of white, which gives a more classic look.  


#3 Tip For You: Start by placing ornaments you love on the tree first, and avoid clutter by opting out of hanging ornaments you don't love.  Generally, trees with a wide arrangement of ornaments are more interesting, and you can tie everything together with a matching tree-topper, ribbon, tinsel, large bows or flowers, and lights.


#3 Tip From Your Property Manager: Keep heavy and breakable ornaments up higher on the tree and on sturdy branches. Kids, dogs, cats and clumsy feet can all cause these ornaments to tumble. If one does break, clean it up immediately to prevent injury and vacuum up any glass pieces. Always keep flammable decorations and the tree away from fireplaces, vents, heaters, candles and other fire and heat-producing elements in the home. 


#4 Tip For You: While you can deviate from the color palate a little when decorating for the holiday, it’s best to pick a general palette and stick with it (more or less). Christmas and holiday décor has come a long way since the ceramic light up Christmas tree and felt stockings. There is now beautiful décor in a wide range of colors and textures, from bright to neutral to metallics, and from fur to silks to knits. Find what works for your home and stick with that.  


#4 Tip From Your Property Manager: Presents aren't just for around the tree. Too many presents around the tree are annoying and difficult to maneuver, and potentially could be a trip or fire hazard. Plus, they are easier for dogs, cats and little hands to get into. Instead, consider using the presents as décor, placing them on bookshelves, in bare corners, on top of a bench, on a mantle, or on a dresser.


#5 Tip For You: Move out what you aren't using.  Replace non-seasonal decor with seasonal decor, and pack the non-seasonal decor in the Christmas boxes until after the holiday to avoid access clutter. Less is more...especially because holiday decor is so visually overwhelming.


Bonus Tip: Use your stockings to store seasonal breakables in boxes when putting away holiday decorations.


#5 Tip From Your Property Manager: Move furniture and other pieces out to the garage temporarily to make room for large items, like the Christmas tree, so your home doesn’t become a tripping or fire hazard.  Removing what you don’t need and replacing non-seasonal décor with seasonal décor (as opposed to just adding it to what you have) leaves less clutter, is easier to clean and puts fewer holes in the wall. 

#6 Tip For You: It's the little touches that make it count, not the giant Christmas village displays.  Adding garlands to your favorite pieces, filling glass jars and votives with pinecones, and displaying gifts and ornaments on shelves and bookcases give your rental property a Christmas feel without the tacky clutter.


#7 Tip From Your Property Manager:  You don’t need dozens of boxes of holiday décor to give your home a festive touch (but if you do, no worries, we rent storage units too!). Use what you have to create a holiday scene with out the extra expense or clutter: sleds, toys, Christmas books, pinecones, ice skates, magazines...all these things are festive.  Put them on display and show your unique taste!


Renter or investor—we all want the same thing! For each renter to make a home their own, and treat it like their own, with all the considerations to taking care of the property. With these “un-tacky” Christmas decorating tips, your rental property can be a beautiful, safe and hazard-free place to enjoy the holiday.