Eco-Friendly Halloween and Fall Decoration Ideas for your Home Rental in Bend

Fall is here in Central Oregon, and Halloween is creeping just around the corner. At Lava Ridge Property Management, we love seeing the creative and spooky ways our tenants decorate their home and apartment rentals.

To celebrate that fall has arrived, Lava Ridge put together five rental and eco-friendly Halloween and fall home decorations that will make your rental home festive, and keep the planet clean. 

1. Pumpkins & Gourds 

Taking a trip to your local pumpkin patch is the perfect fall activity for you and your friends or family to snag some cute pictures and bring home some of the most sustainable Halloween decorations. Handpick the pumpkins or gourds that speak to you and take them home to carve, paint (with non-toxic paint) and display on your rental home’s front porch!  You can even use parts from the pumpkin in some of your favorite fall recipes, like pumpkin bread or roasted pumpkin seeds. By visiting most pumpkin patches in Central Oregon, you are supporting local farmers, native wildlife and pollinators, and getting in the fall spirit! 

2. Floating candles

Start saving your empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls for this fun and festive Halloween craft to decorate your home rental for Halloween. Grab a hot glue gun, some low-wattage tea lights, non-toxic white paint and get to crafting! Hanging these DIY candles in your home’s windows or kitchen creates some fun, spooky and eek-o friendly decor to keep you feeling festive at home this fall. Best of all, the project uses recycled material and is easy to clean-up. Click Here for a step by step tutorial. 

3. Milk Jug Luminaries 

Got milk? Well, hold onto your milk jugs to create your very own ghosty luminary. All you need is a milk jug, black marker, scissors, and a tea candle or small low wattage light. milk jug recycled halloween decorations

Choose your ghostly design and draw on a silly or spooky face of your choice with a black marker. Cut out a small hole in the bottom of your jug big enough for your candle or battery powered light. These luminaries can add to  your home’s porch display or create a fun and cozy corner for you or your kids without making a mess in your rental home. 

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4. Black Twig Wreath

For this fall decor, skip a trip to the store and go for a stroll in one of the lovely parks or trails you can find in Central Oregon close to your neighborhood. The Lava Ridge Property Management team recommends the Deschutes River Trail to stay close to town and find plenty of twigs for this project. The fall foliage along the river brings the season to life and creates the perfect backdrop to go and collect your twigs. 

Once you have your twigs collected, take a hot glue gun and begin to form your wreath. You can use a wire for the circle structure if necessary. After you have your first layer continue to layer more twigs over the foundation until your wreath is full and ready to hang up in your home or on your front door. For a Halloween-themed wreath, spray paint your collected twigs black. An over the door hanger is a perfect way for you to display your wreath in your rental home without putting any holes in the door (the Lava Ridge Maintenance team thanks you).

5. Dried Orange Garland 

For this simple craft check out one of the many local farmers markets near Central Oregon to shop small and pick up some produce to add a pop of color to your fall decor in your rental home or apartment. 

For this eco and home rental friendly project, all you need is:

Once you have strung up your orange slices on your fishing wire hang your garland from your mantle, window or doorway. Command strip hooks are rental home friendly and an easy way to hang your crafty creation. For a step by step tutorial:

Lava Ridge Property Management hopes you found these five, eco-friendly, fall decoration ideas helpful, and we’d love to hear from you if you end up using any in your rental home. Happy crafting!