Lava Ridge Application Process After Applying With Us


Applications can take 1-3 business days to process, occasionally longer.   This fluctuated timeline is determined on the response from the contacts on your applications (employers, landlords, references).

Lava Ridge Property Management only processes one set of applications at a time per property.  Applications are processed in the order received. Applying does not rent the property or put you in first position.  If there is already an application being processed on the property, then your application will be placed on the wait list for this property.  If the current applicants do not qualify, do not pay a deposit to rent the property or they cancel; we will process the next application in line on the wait list.  

When / if your application is selected to process - all parties 18 years of age and older that will be residing in the property must submit a completed application and pay a non-refundable $50.00 application fee each through our online portal.  A link will be sent with instructions for logging in. Application fees must be paid immediately upon notification from our office in order to move forward.  Please be prepared to pay all application fees immediately if your applications are selected to process. 

- After processing all applications and approval given, applicants will have 24 hours to pay the base deposit on the property and sign an "Agreement to Execute a Rental Agreement".  Each property has a different base deposit amount which is listed on our website. 

- Once the Agreement to Execute a Rental Agreement is signed and the base deposit is paid, we will move forward to finalize all pieces to lease with Lava Ridge Property Management and prepare to move you in.

There will be additional steps involved with our move in process that will be explained once the above items have been completed. Deposit amounts are set per the application screening guidelines above. 

Communication during the application process is imperative and timely responses are necessary to be successful.  Please make sure to answer your phones if we call, respond to emails if we reach out and keep an eye on your text messages.   We would hate for you to miss out on an opportunity to officially rent this property because you did not respond to us.  Failure to respond, pay application fees or submit information as requested will force a denial of the applications and we will move onto the next application in line.

Thank you again and GOOD LUCK - -we know this market is tough and we will do everything possible to make your experience with Lava Ridge Property Management successful!  If you have any immediate questions for us, please call our office at (541) 306-5042 or email our leasing team at


If your application meets our minimum qualifications, you will have 1 business day to pay the base deposit in full and sign an "Agreement to Execute a Rental Agreement" (see attached).  The base deposit amount is listed on our website for the property you are intending to lease. This base deposit payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you do not meet our minimum qualifications, you may be offered an increased deposit for approval of your application or the application will be denied. 



☐ Complete the utility worksheet by placing all checked utilities in someone’s name that will be on the lease.  Make the effective day of each utility the same as the move in date.  Write new service account numbers on the ‘utility worksheet’ and turn in to Lava Ridge Property Management.  Applicants will receive “Utility set-up and transfer agreement” after approval.

☐ Contact your insurance agent and obtain renters insurance for the new rental.  Certificate of insurance must be turned in for each applicant.

☐ Pay balance due through the renter portal – please review “Move in Accounting Form” for details and amounts

☐ All occupants 18 years of age and older to sign new rental agreement and all associated forms for rental of property.