Every Home Rental Pet Policy is Different

Not all dwellings through Lava Ridge Property Management LLC are "pet friendly". Each home or unit is owned by different owners and the pet policy is set by the owner. If the owner of your rental allows a pet(s) the following step must be completed BEFORE the animal is brought home.

1. Register the animal through petscreening.com - All pets must be registered through our pet screening vendor at petscreening.com before the pet can be on the property. There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 to $15 per pet to register your pet with petscreening. Assistance/Companion animals can be registered at no cost. Registrations must be updated annually.

2. Pay the required refundable deposit & Pet Rent - Once your pet is registered, the animal will receive a ‘FIDO Score’. Approved household pets must pay a refundable deposit & pet rent based on the FIDO score as follows;  

            0 paw = Pet denied       

            1 paw = $500 deposit & $75 monthly pet rent

            2 paw = $400 deposit & $60 monthly pet rent

            3 paw = $350 deposit & $50 monthly pet rent

            4 paw = $300 deposit & $40 monthly pet rent

            5 paw = $250 deposit & $35 monthly pet rent

3. Sign a pet agreement - Pet agreements must be signed by all lease holders.

4. Renew pet registration annually

Assistance/Companion animals are not subject to deposits and will not be denied provided completion of Assistance/Companion Animal registration, annual renewal when required and sign an Assistance/Companion animal agreement. 

Refundable pet deposits will not be refunded or returned if the pet is no longer in the home.  All deposits, security, last months rent and/or pet are not refunded until possession of rental/unit is returned to Lava Ridge Property Management. At no time is owner/agent required to refund any portion of a refundable deposit, regardless of the pet situation, until the property is returned to Lava Ridge and all occupants have moved out.

Tenants that do not complete registration of their animal, complete the annual petscreening renewal, submit the proper documentation for a ESA or Service Animal, pay the required pet deposit or sign the necessary pet addendum's are NOT allowed to have the pet on site.  Any pet brought on to the property without final approval will be in violation of their rental agreement.  Violations may incur non-compliance fees, non-renewal or termination of the rental agreement.

Please get started by selecting a profile category on our landing page with petscreening: https://lavaridgerentals.petscreening.com/

Once all steps are completed - - you may bring your new pet home!!!! Congratulations!!