Please read the information on our long term rentals below

Before you can begin the rental application process you must read the rental guidelines below. 

General Guidelines

All person(s) residing at the dwelling, 18 years of age or older must submit an application for processing.

All application(s) will be processed by an owner/agent of Lava Ridge Property Management LLC with payment of a $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE fee per application. The $50.00 non-refundable application fee is applied towards:

Applying does not guarantee approval and does not take the rental off the market. Completion and terms of holding deposit agreement must be done to ‘reserve’ property.

Applicant(s) that do not qualify for rental or cancel are subject to cancellation policy noted on holding deposit agreement.

Applicant(s) that do not meet the minimum guidelines listed below are subject to a denial or increased deposit.

Information that is not verifiable may also result in a denial or increased deposit.

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for processing applications. Inaccurate, incomplete or falsified applications may result in a delay in processing or denial.

All applicant(s) must submit a valid copy of current driver’s license, identification card, current government ID or passport.

All applicant(s) must be able to enter into a legal and binding contract.

Any applicant(s) that does not meet our minimum qualifications may submit a written explanation for consideration

Lava Ridge Property Management LLC reserves the right to request any additional items deemed necessary to prove income, employment or housing i.e. bank statements, tax returns, award or offer letters, vouchers, lease agreements etc.

Employment & Income Requirements

Combined gross monthly income of all applicant(s)/occupants must equal 3 times the amount of the monthly rent

Income requirements can be waived with savings account balance equal to 36 times of monthly rent

Rental History or Mortgage Requirements

Minimum 2 years verifiable rental history or mortgage payments from a third-party landlord or management company. Family members may not be used as a landlord or as rental history.

Late payments, balance due, complaints, violations or liens may result in a denial or increased deposit.

Applicant(s) name must be on the rental agreement of any current or previous rental history.

The credit report pulled by Lava Ridge Property Management LLC lists addresses current and previously used and associated with applicant(s) and must be verified and/or explained.

Applicants must not have any unpaid debt to previous landlords or property managers.

NO evictions or foreclosures within the past 3 years.

Evictions or foreclosures over 36 months old are subject to an increased deposit or denied applications

Credit Requirements

Lava Ridge Property Management LLC will obtain a consumer credit report through AMRENT. Credit reports may not be submitted by applicant.

Outstanding or past due debt, slow pay, collections, bankruptcies, repossessions, liens, judgements and/or wage garnishments may result in a denied application or increased deposit.

Any balance due to another property manager or mortgage company are subject to denial or an increased deposit.

Minimum of 2 credit lines of any sort must be established and reported on for no less than 6 months. Lack of enough credit may result in a denial or increased deposit.

Criminal History

A search of public records will be run on each applicant showing any criminal history.

Consumer credit reports through AMRENT also match last name, address and social security numbers for any filed criminal activity regardless of location, year or extent of crime.

We do not approve applicants with history of offenses of bodily harm, illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or intentional damage or destruction of property (for example, "arson"), within the past 7 years. We may also decline applicants with any sexual related offenses from any time period. We do not approve registered sex offenders, or anyone with active, unresolved criminal cases.

Pet Policy / Service Animal / ESA

Not all dwellings through Lava Ridge Property Management LLC are "pet friendly". Each home or unit is owned by different owners and the pet policy is set by the owner.

All pets must be registered through our pet screening vendor at before the pet can be on the property. There is a nonrefundable fee of $25 to $15 per pet to register your pet. Service animals or ESA can be registered at no cost.

Once your pet is registered, Applicant(s) will receive a ‘FIDO Score’ for each pet. Additional refundable deposit per pet will be required for each registered pet based-on score as follows;

Some properties also require ‘pet rent’ of $25.00 per month per pet – inquire with office for specific policy

We understand that situations change, and pets come and go.

If a pet is no longer in the home after occupancy and execution of lease agreement

Increased Deposits

Applicants that do not meet the minimum guidelines above may be asked to pay an additional refundable security deposit to obtain approval.

All increased deposits are due on or before the move in date unless prior arrangements have been made and approved by owner/agent.

Increased deposits last month rent or other monetary requirement for approval is NOT refundable until the property is vacated by all occupants and Lava Ridge Property Management has received possession back.


Application Denial Policy

An applicant may be denied if any of the above guidelines are not met.

Applicants may request copies of any information used to determine eligibility to rent within 60 days of denial.

Lava Ridge Property Management will send a letter of denial to all applicant(s) noting reasons and giving information on how and where to obtain further documents through AMRENT.

Additional Information

Any and all refundable deposits are considered part of the rental agreement and stay with the home/unit and are held in entirety on the property regardless of roommates, familial changes or other occupant changes.

All refundable deposits will stay in possession of Lava Ridge Property Management LLC or the owner until possession of rental/unit is returned to owner/landlord and all occupant(s) have vacated.

Refund of any and all deposits will be conducted in pursuant to ORS 90.300 and refunded and/or applied towards changes with a final accounting statement no later than 31 days after possession is returned to Lava Ridge Property Management LLC.

It is very important to understand that every rental is a unique situation and considered just that. With the multiple varieties of homes, units, people, jobs, credit situations etc..... We reserve the right to be subjective. We review each application carefully and make the best decision for the property and owner within all federal, state and local laws.

Not all owners are involved in the application process of their investment(s). Please always direct questions and concerns to Lava Ridge Property Management LLC.

Please discuss any possible concerns you may have during the application process immediately.


By clicking on the "Application to Rent" you agree that you have read and understand the above guidelines.

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